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Birthdate:Dec 30
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States of America
Website:Spike's Livejournal

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1958 dodge desoto fireflite, alcoholism, alternate realities, angel, angelus, anya, ats, beer, being a vampire, big bad, blondes, blood, books, boxer rebellion, british history, buffy, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, buffybot, burba weed, cars, cecily, champion, charles gunn, cheese, chilvary, china, cordelia, cordy, creature of the night, crypt, dark shadows, dark warrior, darla, dawn summers, death, demons, dog racing, drinking, dru, drusilla, duster, england, evil, faith, fangs, fear, fighting, football, fred, fyarl, gem of amarra, giles, glory, good, halfrek, harmony, harmony kendall, hellmouth, heroes, hostile 17, hugs, hunting, immortality, joyce, kara keating, kitten poker, leather, legends, london, los angeles, lost love, lost souls, love, magic, manchester united, mardi gras, mind games, morley, motorcycle, myths, nail polish, new york, nikki wood, pain, passions, patrolling, peroxide, poetry, poker, prophecies, redemption, regret, remorse, rivalry, romance, sarcasm, saving lives, saving the world, scooby gang, sex pistols, sexy, shanshu, sid vicious, singing, sire, slayer, slayers, smoking, spells, spicy chicken wings, spike, stakes, sunnydale, survival, swords, tara, team angel, the bronze, the first evil, the good fight, the hellmouth, the initiative, the key, the magic box, the master, the powers that be, the ramones, the slayer, tv, tv shows, unrequited love, vampire slayers, vampires, vengeance, visions, watchers, watchers council, weapons, weetabix, wesley, whiskey, william the bloody, willow rosenberg, witchcraft, wolfram & hart, woodstock, xander, xin rong, zippo
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